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Our philosophy is to share our knowledge and experience with our customers and give them all the professional assistance they might need. We at Pacific Medical Co believe a highly qualified staff builds trust in a company. With a constant and steady growth the company. Our qualified staff reduced the communication gap between customer.


Welcome to pacific medical co. based in Sialkot, Pakistan. Our aim at PMC is to provide best quality and refurbished Healthcare, Diagnostic and Analytical at affordable prices to meet your clinic needs.


All our product are made from stainless steel as per customer's demand. All custom designs and custom OEM are available.

Ethically Accredited

We love our planet and believe in helping to save it through ethical business. Many customers are becoming more discerning about the products that they buy.


With Grade, Hardness and chemical Composition.

With heating, dyes and hammers by our skilled craftsman after forging every instrument inspected.

Cutting, shaping and bending. Shaping the working points, Drilling holes, screw

Grinding with grind wheel for reducing excessive amount metal and finning the shape (Extra Coarse). Filing with metal fills stick, exact sizing and shape, fining the working points.

In inspection we do comparing with master sample or International catalog and expelling faulted instruments. in testing group of 12 pieces With required spacing entered in temper machine and chemicals then hardness test machine we test the temper.

Annealing process maintain the hardness for less brokerage. in grinding every instruments inside and outside grinded with sand papers grits belts on wheels (Medium Coarse (100) Fine Coarse, (120) and very fine Coarse (180, 220).

Joining the instruments and screwing, sharping etc.

Dipped in chemical with electric current.

By Skilled person check the working points, sharpness and adjusting.

After Extra Coarse, Medium Coarse for final finishing every instrument grinded with (Super Fine 320
and ultra fine 400/600) before polish or dull.

Polish or Dull with wheel and chemical bar, meanwhile some instruments are especially Polish
in vibrator machines.

Passivation with chemicals.
Passivation Process
Pre-Clean 105 —————-> Citrisurf 2250 (USA) & Passivate 606 —————-> Neutralyer N5 —————->  Boiling Test

30-min – 70-80C                                         45-min – 70-80C                                   30-min – 70-80C                   30-min > 100C

Most of the instruments are sanded inside like Forceps, pliers etc.

After sand rest part will be refinished and buffed. Instruments involving screw are lubricated. Lubricating the instruments moveable portions and final inspection like checking for operation, measurement, polish and usability.

With special care to avoid the engraving skilled person did this job laser stamping / maring machine. Every instrument cleaned one by one and packed in small box with 100 / 50 / 25 PCS quantity per box & then packed into big hard box as per requirement

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